Innocent Until Proven Guilty?

I have lived many years in this Country, but I never thought I would live to see the day when the heading above would be flipped on its head.  Alas, it appears now that such a time is coming upon us.  We are now, on a daily basis, reading of more and more citizens who are being more or less convicted and “lynched” on the basis of allegations, some of which ostensibly happened years, or even decades ago.  Not only is the man publicly thrashed, but his life, along with his family, forever tarnished.

I am well aware that some are, no doubt, guilty, and that we do, in fact, have some pretty nasty, sexually “inappropriate” things occurring  Morally speaking, I believe that we in this Country have a big moral mess to clean up.  By now the roots go deeply into our society.  These people who are being publicly destroyed may or may not be guilty. But it is just flat wrong, and extremely worrisome when a person’s life can be so destroyed on the basis of something that someone now alleges he did many years ago.



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